Black Careers Matter

Hey Fam,

It’s on April 30th 2018 that I decided to launch Black Careers Matter.

In Africa we have high unemployment rate and the young people are suffering getting started with their careers. Outside Africa we have racial micro aggressions and the young ambitious black people find themselves in extremely unfair situations stiffening career growth in the companies they work for.

There are currently 4 black CEOs in Fortune 500 companies. This year that number is set to drop to three. What happened to progress toward diversifying corporations’ highest ranks?  Is this something companies should address, or black people themselves?

I tried to look for platforms that share insights around Black Careers Matter and I couldn’t find any. Not suggesting that there aren’t any out there. Should you know of one, kindly share with me on Otherwise, I am more than happy to contribute to this topic through my blog. I am black and I believe my career matters, just like anyone else’s.

My goal is to give black people a platform to share their knowledge and experiences, through which my readers can benefit from. As any other movement I have launched before, this one will take shape with time. My sincere hope is that you will join me in making the workplace better for black people.

Miss I blog has never sought to discriminate or judge others. When I launched my Pro-Life movement, I welcomed people who support abortions to share their opinion on the blog. My agenda was to create an environment where people with different opinions can hear each other out. As such, this movement welcomes people from all backgrounds – white, black or brown. I am confident that there are a number of non-black people that believe Black Careers Matter, and it is indeed in this blog that they will get a chance to get involved in those conversations.

In situations where racial micro-aggression are discussed on the blog, the movement will avoid getting into the nitty-gritty.  Ideally the plan is to share real stories from a raw perspective without getting into the details of the company name, managers involved and company internal information. I am committed to observing company regulations and staying on the positive side of the law. We will not be gathering to have pity-parties and shame certain companies or individuals.

Instead I am creating a platform where

  • Senior Black people working in Top 500 Fortune companies can share insights on how the rest of us can get there. If you know anyone who has a top position in these companies, please encourage them to reach out to me on I am literally starting this movement today so I need all the help I can get.


  • Black people who have overcome racial micro-aggressions can share insights on how to differentiate between constructive criticism and pure racism. It can be quite challenging for a black person to be sure whether what they are going through should be called out for racism or not. Yes, you can share your story anonymously, I understand this situation is quite tricky and you may not want the whole world to see you as a victim. You may also not be in a position to share your story publicly, therefore an anonymous share would be the best option for you. Otherwise if you are ready to share publicly, I will work with what you share with me, I am sure any piece of information is better nothing.


  • Non-black people who have witnessed the impact of racial micro-aggressions on their black colleagues, how it made them feel and their ideas on how black people can overcoming this. Non-black managers are highly welcomed on the blog to share ideas on how a black people can handle a racial aggressive manager.

Let’s start with those 3 for now and see how the movement grows from there.

All are welcomed!