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Hey Fam,

One of my most read articles has to be the CV related ones. Shortly after I stopped blogging a lot of readers would reach out to me requesting for the link to my CV article. It hurt saying that the blog is off and I made it a commitment to publish CV related articles as soon as I started blogging again.

What I will share today is slightly different to what I shared 4 years ago, and that’s because things change and I’ve learnt a thing or 2 at Google. There are a couple of articles I want to publish in relation to CVs. They are such an important document that I need to break it down to different blog posts so that my audience can really benefit from what I have to share.

I’m going to start it off by sharing my Google CV. It’s important to note that I have a CV that I use when applying for roles internally. I wouldn’t use the same CV to apply externally, although if I chose to be lazy, I could. The first thing I am going to emphasize is that you need to invest time in your CV. It took me a couple of days plus SERIOUS mentorship to write up the CV I am about to share with you today.

I am not going to get down to the best practices of writing a CV, that will be saved for another blog post. I discovered that my readers found it useful when I published my own CV as they could use it as a guide to write theirs. Disclaimer; I wrote this CV in the context of being a Googler, therefore, it may or may not work for your company. Also, I am yet to update my CV. There are a couple of projects I’ve been involved in this year, I just haven’t had the time to update it. It takes time to write a good CV so I didn’t want to rush and come up with something sub-standard. Without further ado, below is my Google CV.


Esther Kinuthia - Google Resume


Fast Facts

Joined Google: 2014
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Core Role:  Associate Account Strategist – UK, Ireland, Nordics, Middle East and Africa

Other roles: Communication Lead Afro-Googler Network  EMEA, StartUp Success Manager Google Launchpad 

Passions: Marketing, Sales, Business Development,Growing People & Businesses


  •  Energetic, extremely passionate and performance driven professional with over 3 years experience in Marketing, Sales and Blogging.
  • I aspire to be one of the top 10 Marketers in Africa. Currently pursuing MSc Digital Marketing Strategy at Trinity Business School, ranked 1st in Ireland and 13th globally.
  • In 3 years at Google, I have progressed from a Marketing intern to an Associate Account Strategist, with a proven track record of meeting and exceeding objectives.


Google Honors and Awards

  • MEA SMT Spot Bonus Award – for improving team flexibility by developing efficient working methods     
  • Carbon Rally Winner in EMEA Award – for highest $ opportunity adopted                                                 
  • Spot Bonus – 7 received for top performance across EMEA and immediate team contribution                        
  • Peer bonus – 13 received for collaborative efforts within and outside immediate team                                         
  • Kudos – 9 received for going above and beyond to help my colleagues                                                                        
  • Top 40 Under 40 Women in Kenya                                                                                                                       
  • Airtel Future Leader (link)        


Education and Training        

Msc. Digital Marketing Strategy           Trinity Business School Ireland       2017 – 2019

C-Level Leadership Training (link)      Ivy House London                             2017

Bachelor of Commerce {Marketing}    Strathmore University Kenya           2011 – 2015


Google Timeline
Associate Account Strategist July 2015-Date


  • Supported 5000+ businesses troubleshoot and optimize their Adwords, google my business, tag manager, shopping and analytics accounts
  • Consistently exceed targets QoQ on Service Revenue Program,  Customer satisfaction and Same Day Resolution
  • Proactively attained the 5 Green Belts in Brand, Performance, Mobile, Measurement and Programmatic required for a sales role and applied the knowledge in a services role
  • Business Awards:


– Team Contribution Award for problem solving, execution and Googleyness

– Carbon Rally Winner in EMEA Awardfor highest $ opportunity adopted                                            


-CSAT Hall of Fame:  November, August, July

Customer Growth Award: June 2016

Best Team Award: Q2 2016


Team Contribution Award for closing the highest number of cases

Team Roles

  • As Workflow Lead,  increased team flexibility and Googler happiness by designing language chat templates that improved the workflow structure.
  • As Knowledge Lead, reduced basic chat rate by planning relevant product trainings and doing important knowledge team updates in every team meeting
  • As Quality Lead, reviewed hundreds of cases ensuring compliance with global legal, workflow, & answer accuracy guidelines
Marketing Intern Google Kenya     
Local Doodle Manager Africa
  • Collaborated with Country Marketing Managers in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana  in selecting the right Doodles for their markets, including opt-in Doodles
  • Biggest achievement: Kimani Maruge Doodle, was highlighted by Lorraine as the Doodle of the Week. Though we did not measure the widespread recognition, the Public Relations team collected 16 stories which has a circulation of 15, 092, 000. The Kimani Maruge Doodle topped that week’s Kenya search trends – a great win!
  • Second biggest achievement: Kenya Independence Doodle 2014
Digital Business Management
  • Worked with a local agency to film 4 case studies which were used during the consecutive DBM sessions
  • Coordinated planning of the events with the agency to ensure things run smoothly during the 3-day programs.
  • Trained on “Assessing SMB Digital Needs”
  • Received Kudos from Bunmi , Growth Engine & Brand Lead, Sub Saharan Africa, “Esther, a quick note to say thanks for your help in planning the recently concluded DBM program in Kenya; coordinating things with the agency and ensuring we had some great success stories filmed.
  • Trained at least 200 PSV staff which created a positive lasting relationship with Bebapay.
  • Inspired natural influencers amongst the trained staff who in turn rub off a good vibe amongst their peers.
  • Designed banners and posters to be used for this trainings.
  • Created “slogans” that would relate with the PSV staff

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  1. 1

    Wow!!! That C.V is packed!!!
    Even with the format structure, you can’t copy awards, work experience, education.
    Congratulations Miss EK.

    • 2

      Thank you for reading, commenting and the recognition.

      Yes you can’t copy awards, work experience etc, but at least you can be more clear in what you achieved in your past and current roles.

      Using the SMART format to explain achievement i,e

      Bad: I managed social media pages for the commpany

      Good: I was their social media manager for 6 months where I handled all of their social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In this period, I increased their Facebook engagement by 50% and I did by uploading posts daily and adding call-to-actions in each and every post.

  2. 3

    Hey esther welcome back .i missed the blog .so my question is can you decorate the cv like use graphic design for it ,so that its unique

    • 4

      Hey Eileen, thank you for the welcome. Yes you can add colour, mine is actually very energetic. I added Google colours for the heading i.e the green at “Talks at Google” above.

  3. 5

    Esther, thanks for sharing your CV with us. It’s really detailed and straight forward. I hope you won’t mind sharing with us, some day maybe, one for an entry level position.

  4. 7

    Wow!! This is really amazing. Your cv clearly speaks for itself. And doesn’t need explaining “well maybe with the google terms that can’t be understood by those not working at google “. But given that it’s an internal cv, daaamn girl it’s amazing. Thanks. This has really motivated me to actually review my cv and work on it accordingly.and also appreciate and take advantage of the opportunities at work to build myself and gain more experience Thanks 🤗

    • 8

      Hey Minnie

      Thank you for the recognition. I’m happy to hear you have been motivated to become a better version of yourself.


  5. 9

    First of all..where have I been all my life?
    Your c.v is detailed,straight to the point,organized and to top it all up it’s literally satisfying on it’s own.
    When I get a peep of how my c.v is! It’s a shame I tell you!
    Am so going to review my c.v for sure despite the fact that mine won’t be as detailed as yours(I still don’t have that much of experience!).
    Kindly do a sample of the entry level category please..

  6. 11

    Hats off Miss….you are truly an inspiration no doubt.. you came to salon at my aunt’s and I could tell you were made for great things…looking at your Cv my mind is blown
    ..congrats and thank you for sharing

  7. 13
  8. 15

    Thank you for sharing your CV. I am older than you but you truly inspire me. I love how you have put the accomplishments/achievements. That is going to require some creativity based on my job but i shall sure incorporate it in my CV. Asante

  9. 17

    Well, this is new and different from CVs I have seen before. Very unique. Got me thinking that I should update my own and share this with all my friends. Thank you for being an influencer in our generation. Cheers!!

    • 18

      Thank you so much Hellen for the positive comments and I am looking forward to sharing more positive energy!

  10. 19

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